it is hard to take care of self

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it is hard to take care of self

Postby debh » Sat Feb 05, 2011 11:15 am

i was doing so well until my layoffs at my job -now left alone to do 2 people jobs-i don't trust myself -i want to do a good job-but the stress last night sent my sympthoms in overload-i can feel the stress now before going to work-i am going to the doctor and going out on medical because they do not care if i hurt myself-i am scared that i will hurt myself-i can't do it and get over the feeling of guilt to take care of myself-i am single and my own breadwinner -i want to work but not like this-it is not worth it-no one else pays my bills-i cried all last night because physically i was doing okay-and history shows i have hard time dealing with stress-i came home in so much pain-physical and emotional-it is just hard sometimes to say it is okay to take care of myself-yes? thanx for listening it helps ya know
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Re: it is hard to take care of self

Postby smoovie0704 » Tue Feb 08, 2011 5:22 am

You are not alone. I left my job of three years last week because the work load was being piled on top of me. I was forgetting things and worked 10 hrs a day as well and went into the office one Saturday a month on my own time to attempt to catch up. My boss was verbally abusive and the one person higher than her didn't care about her behavior. I began this job in December of 2007 after being laid off from my last company after 13 years. It is right around the corner from my home so it is very convenient. I started having the headaches frequently after that and was diagnosed October 2008. In 2009 I was promoted to Customer Service Manager but they started assigning me many tasks that were not customer service related at all. Three times in 2010 I had major anxiety attacks and I had never experienced those before. The week of 1/24 my boss sent me a tirade via email and that was the last straw. I resigned in reply to that email and have not looked back. I can collect unemployment for awhile and thankfully we are financially okay to do that and my hubby is very supportive.

You are recognizing the signs, try to get yourself out of that situation if you can - if the job market where you are permits. The stress on your body can be very frightening.
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Re: it is hard to take care of self

Postby karenb » Tue Feb 22, 2011 11:07 pm

Hi there,

I definitely resonate. I left my job of 20 years about 2-1/2 years ago because of pain, concern over meds affecting my ability to concentrate, and my inability to do anything but work and sleep.

I will say that my last 2 bosses were very supportive - I was working from motel rooms while caring for my ill parents and trying to keep my head above water. Prior to that, I had worked for quite a few managers who were very abusive... it made the decision to leave easier (from a cognitive standpoint) - it was still difficult from an emotional standpoint, though.

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