Information on anterior corpectomy fusion

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Information on anterior corpectomy fusion

Postby equestrian » Thu Dec 08, 2011 8:44 pm

Hey everybody! I would love any information you all could share! I broke my neck in 1996 and in 2002. Neither time was it picked up until a year later. In 2003 I was dx with a syrinx. I have been symptomatic off and on since. Neurontin has helped me a lot as well as ibuprofen. I think the neurontin made me gain a lot of weight and wonder if there is any alternative?

I train horses, well I did. I trained for the Olympics and I loved what I did. I still have 3 horses, but very little time to ride them and have lost a lot of my strength not riding! This yr. due to some difficulty and concerns over my business I started working for a French saddle company. I don't love that and don't feel that it is what I am supposed to be doing but that is another story.

My Syrinx is small, but I have the tingling, numbness, burning etc. the main issue is that at the C4 5 and 6 level (level of the fractures) I have pretty extreme compression. There is virtually no room for CSF to pass. A Dr. recommends that I do an anterior corpectomy fusion using a titanium cage divice. He says I would only be in the hospital 1 night then they would get me moving again quickly and I would not be out of work long. (I have to lift and carry saddles, look down, look up, turn my head and drive a lot). Everything I have researched seems to say it is a lot more major than that. I am 44, have a high pain tolerance and am tough, but am scared about this.

Any advise? I am trying to find a good NS in Atlanta that takes Aetna and can see me soon. Those of you who have had this, how is the recovery? How long are you in the hospital? How long till you can drive? How long do you wear a neck brace and how in the world do you sleep in it? This dr. says I would be able to get back to riding and my career. I know of a girl who had something similar about 5 yrs. ago and she does triathalons etc. now. What do you all think? The bones and discs pushing on my spinal cord are a result of my fractures and degeneration and appear to be the sole cause of my syrinx.

Thanks guys in advance for any and all advise you might have!

Equestrian/ Lisa
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Re: Information on anterior corpectomy fusion

Postby Janice » Mon Jan 02, 2012 1:31 pm

Hi Lisa,

It sounds like you need to research this more and possibly obtain another opinion, or two. No matter how many people you speak w/you never can tell what will happen in your case because all of us are so very different. If you have faith in your surgeon, and stay strong, sounds like you're already a step ahead.

I hope all goes well whatever you decide.

Take care,
GOD Bless!

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