Sligth change in plans with surgery

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Sligth change in plans with surgery

Postby Mary Alice » Tue Jun 19, 2007 10:55 pm

I had my doctor visit today with the 2nd opinion guy who is actually the doc that my neurologist originally referred me to. I just couldn't see him first because he left the country the day after I called, so today was the absolute first day I could see him.

Major bottom line is that he totally agreed that I need surgery, and I just flat out liked him better. I like the other guy a lot too and didn't have any problems with him until I met this guy and realized that I just liked the way that he and his nurse practitioner handled a lot of things better. That is certainly not what I walked into that office expecting.

Then I had to say that I am scheduled to have surgery next week and it really needs to happen then because my mom is coming in from out of town to help with my kids. They checked and can make it happen, so the only changes are that surgery is Wednesday not Tuesday, and I'm having it in Plano not Dallas. The hospital is actually a lot closer to my house.

I will be getting the CINE MRI done this Saturday which I'm glad about. The other doc wasn't going to do it which made me a little uncomfortable. I'm also going to have a lumbar MRI Saturday just to check for tethered cord although it wouldn't change immediate surgical plans.

Then I have a pre-op admit visit Monday, an appointment again with the doctor Tuesday late in the day where I can bring any friends and family that want to ask questions, and then I'm 2nd surgical case on Wednesday next week. Feels sort of whirlwind, but I'm pretty happy about it.

So my earlier post about how to approach the 2nd opinion wasn't a big deal. How to call the 1st doc and say, "Never mind. I'm not having surgery with you." turned into an issue, but I did it and they were very nice about it.

I'm rambling now. Sorry, I tend to do that when I'm nervous. Thanks for listening!
Trying to stay calm.....
Mary Alice
Mary Alice

You will do fine.

Postby Jenintexas » Wed Jun 20, 2007 7:55 am

well if you are happy Mary Alice then that is the important thing. So who is the new doctor? I am calling my doctor today. I am still swollen where they put the tubes down my throat. I am having problems swollowing on my lft side. I had a fruit cup this morning and it was just a small peach. I had to make it come back up because it seems to be getting lodged in my throat. I wonder why this wouldn't be getting better by now? Good luck to you I am sure you will do fine. I feel much better from the chairi symptoms. Now I just have these minor setbacks I need to deal with. :lol:
I will think of you next wed then.

take care,
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Postby mrsariel » Wed Jun 20, 2007 7:33 pm

I am so glad everything is working out for you! I think you being comfortable with your doctor is really important. I am wishing you a very sucessful surgery.
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