Vertigo questions....

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Vertigo questions....

Postby Avesmom » Wed Aug 26, 2009 9:14 pm

My daughter had decompression surgery back in December of 2007. Since then, both of her syrinxs have shrunk and her symptoms have improved tremendously. The one thing she still deals with is she feels like she is going back and forth still (I am guessing vertigo) but she says it is a slow feeling and if she does not think about it, she doesn't really feel it. However....she has had a few episodes over the past year where the motion increase and she feels it more intensely. We found if we give her something to eat, it seems to go away. Sounds like it could be that when her blood sugar levels drop it intensifies the vertigo. I am wondering if anyone else has had this experience and what you do for it. She seems to manage with the day to day mild vertigo ok even though I hate that she has to live with it. Her episodes where it increases when she is hungry seem to be happening more frequently lately so I am starting to get worried. The doctors always say "there is no text book of symptoms" for Chiari so it is always frustrating trying to figure out if a problem is related to it or not!
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Re: Vertigo questions....

Postby jupes » Thu Aug 27, 2009 8:38 am

Hi Denise!

Glad your daughter is doing so well after her surgery. My daughter has episodes of motion sickness from time to time. Doc says it could be related to the CM/SM.This happens randomly and usually when other symptoms are flaring up. Describes it as being similar to how you would feel after being on an amusement park ride!

I have a 6yr old who does get hypoglycemic. Have to watch her diet closely and make sure she gets high protein snacks. She has even had times when her sugars were a little too high. She has been checked for diabetes and we had to monitor her sugars at home for a while. Peds said she could develop it later on.

Has she had any blood work done to r/o hypoglycemia or other problems?

My other thought is inner ear problems. Sometimes Docs prescribe meclizine for this type of vertigo-not sure if ok to use in children. If all other possibilities have been ruled out, I guess you can blame it on the CM!

Good luck!

14 yr old DD with CM 0/SM and mild scoliosis.
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