SM and ADD

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SM and ADD

Postby julz » Tue Oct 20, 2009 8:32 am

Does anyone know if ADD is a "symptom" of SM? My son's teacher would like us to have him tested but I'm very apprehensive because of his SM. I don't want it to be misdiagnosed and prescribed drugs for it. I'm not going to put him on prescription drugs for it anyways but I was just wondering if the 2 are connected or not. He has trouble keeping his focus at school.
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Re: SM and ADD

Postby Janice » Tue Oct 20, 2009 11:10 am

Hi Julz!

If your son is struggling w/pain management, it is possible that he's lose focus often. It's extremely hard to focus through pain. However, if pain isn't an issue, you might want to see what the doctor has to say about it. My grandson was dx'd with ADHD a few years ago and seems to be managing well on the medication but his parents have very different views on whether or not he should be treated with medication. It truly is a very personal choice.

I do hope you're able to work with your son to help his concentration issues, by whatever means necessary.

Take care,
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Re: SM and ADD

Postby memom » Tue Oct 20, 2009 8:01 pm

Dear Julz,

We are experiencing the same difficulties at school. My daughter was decompressed in July, 09 and is having a very difficult time concentrating in school thus far (she is 7 - 2nd grade). We are discovering that she is able to do the work IF the environment is quite and non-distracting. "Normal" noise level in a class setting is a problem for her if she is having a bad day (foot pain, back pain, noise sensitivity, body ache, etc...) When she is having a bad day, we keep her home and let her rest. When she is "ready to go" we begin our classwork at home or I take her to school. This is requiring a lot of coordination with the school, but so far, things seem to be working. Well, almost everything is good....Our daughter has figured out that she can complain and not have to go to school... sometimes I know she uses this to her advantage. However, I remain consistant in that if she misses school she must make it up (in reasonable time of course). In other words, we do not want to modifiy what she learns, we just want to accomodate her special needs so she can learn. It is hard at times, we have had to adjust our work schedules, but she is much happier and is on the road to making A's & B's instead of D's & F's with no medication.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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