Rehabilitation after decompression surgery

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UPDATE - including chemical meningitis

Postby Mama G » Thu Apr 24, 2008 7:36 pm

Thank you for all the e-mails and support. Connor's surgery was on April 3rd and it went well. The recovery was rough and we were referred to a PT to help him regain his strength. We are a military family and our care was at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. We could not have asked for a better team of doctors. With the current conditions overseas these doctors are at the forefront of neurosurgery. It is common (in military community) for the referral for PT to accompany cranial or spinal surgery.

Con's experience was not w/o complications. Almost 2 weeks post-op he was diagnosed with chemical meningitis. After the spinal tap, CAT scan, bloodwork, 3 days of antibiotics, and 5 days in the hospital we are finally home...again.
We were told that this reaction is rare, except for children with Chiari decompression surgery. I was informed that this happens frequently. Anyone else experience this reaction?
Mama G
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Re: Rehabilitation after decompression surgery

Postby Janice » Fri Apr 25, 2008 8:48 am

Hi MamaG,

I'm happy to hear that little Connor is at home resting and healing. I pray he continues to experience a successful recovery period.

Take care and thanks for sharing the good news with us.
GOD Bless!

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Re: Rehabilitation after decompression surgery

Postby Beverley » Fri Apr 25, 2008 10:37 pm

Hi Mama G;

Glad to hear that Connor is doing well. I just had my surgery on Feb 8th at Gerogetown, University in DC. I have been to Walter Reed many time with my Mom before she passed away. They really do have many of the brightest young Drs. in the area. I have been doing PT since my release. One of my main problems has been with my walking and that still seems to have its good days and bad days. PT does seem to help and since I have a very busy weekend, I will be getting plenty of PT on my own for the weekend.

I did not have any complicatios with my surgery but I have heard of others getting meningetis after decompression surgery. My understanding is that in does happen in about 50 precent of CM surgeries. I don't know if that is specific to adults or children or both though. I am glad to hear that Connor is doing better now and that you all are back home now. Being home can sometimes be the best medicine.

Blessings to you all,
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Re: Rehabilitation after decompression surgery

Postby brianfsmom » Tue Apr 29, 2008 6:45 am

Mama G wrote:Anyone else experience this reaction?

Yes, we did. My son had a CSF leak and aseptic meningitis - it showed up five days after the surgery - a few days later he was feeling really ill, and they tapped directly into the fluid on the back of his head. Following that, he was treated with a really brief (about 9 days including tapering off) course of steroids. He felt great, but still had a lump of fluid for a couple more weeks. Thankfully, he's had no residual issues as a result. I think it is fairly common, it's an inflammatory reaction of the tissues.

Good luck!
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