Children and syringomyelia


Do you have a child who has been diagnosed with idiopathic syringomyelia? Due to the increased diagnosis of Chiari malformation, many neurosurgeons are becoming more familiar with CM related symptoms but what about a child who does not have Chiari? Those parents face the dilemma of how best to provide the needed care for their child in a world of the unknown. Who do you turn to when your doctor doesn’t seem to understand? How do you find the best treatment options?

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  1. Looking for neurosurgeon who specializes in treatment of syrinx. 9y.o. daughter diagnosed by MRI to have a 2.5mm syrinx extending from T4 to T9. Has mild scoliosis in thoracic and lumbar region. MRI otherwise normal from Cervical to Lumbar. Live in Mississippi but willing to go out of network and to best center available.


  2. We live in ATL. GA and our 8 yr old daughter was just diagnosed with Chiari 1…we have 2nd MRI this week to look at her spinal cord to see if she has a syrinx before decompression surgery. Her Neurosurgeon is Dr. Andrew Reisner @ Children’s Heathcare of Atlanta.

    Please contact me if you wish to talk,

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