Giving Pain A Name


Here are some words to help when trying to describe your pain to you doctor.

Achy – if a part of your body feels achy, you feel a pain there that is continuous but not very strong
Acute- used for describing pain that is very strong and sharp
Agonizing – very painful
angry – an angry wound (cut in your skin) is very red and painful
burning – painful, and feeling as if a part of your body is touching something hot
chronic – chronic pain is serious and lasts for a long time. A serious illness or pain that lasts only for a short time is described as acute
crippling – causing a lot of pain or other health problems
dull – a dull pain is not very strong but continues for a long time
electric shock sensation – feels like electricity running through affected part of body
excruciating – causing extreme physical pain
gnawing – continuously causing you pain or worrying you
griping – a griping pain is a sharp and sudden pain in your stomach
heavy – if a part of your body feels heavy, it is not comfortable and you cannot move it easily
inflamed – a part of your body that is inflamed is swollen, red, and painful because of an infection or injury
irritated – painful, red, or swollen
itchy – if you feel itchy, you have an unpleasant feeling on your skin that makes you want to scratch it (=rub it with your nails)
painful – if part of your body is painful, you feel pain there
painful – making you feel physical pain
raging – very serious, painful, or strong
raw – if your skin is raw, it is very sore
severe – a severe pain, injury, or illness is serious and unpleasant
sharp – a sharp pain is sudden and severe
sore – painful and uncomfortable, usually as a result of an injury, infection, or too much exercise
stabbing – a stabbing pain is a sudden, very strong pain
stiff – if you are stiff, or if a part of your body is stiff, you feel pain in your muscles and cannot move easily
stinging – hitting you hard
tender – if a part of your body is tender, it has been injured and is painful when you touch it
thumping – a thumping headache (=pain in your head) is very severe
tight – if your chest or another part of your body feels tight, it feels as if it is being squeezed
torturous – causing extreme physical pain
unendurable – too unpleasant or painful to bear
vice-like – holding or squeezing you very tightly in a painful way
violent – painful and difficult to control
excruciating – causing extreme physical pain

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