Insurance Reform Takes Effect


I have been asked to repeat this message. September 23, 2010 marks the six-month anniversary of the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). It also ushers in a new set of insurance reforms that will enable more children and families to obtain and keep their health care coverage. With various facets being implemented at different times, it can be hard to understand it all. Families USA and many partners have created materials describing these new protections from specific topics (such as annual limits and pre-existing conditions) to understanding the big picture.

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One thought on “Insurance Reform Takes Effect

  1. Dear Patricia,
    I think it would be worth repeating this message. And the link is very good. It just takes a little looking to find this. I am talking to a lot of people on the support lists who need surgery and are uninsured and are unaware of health care reform (probably they have heard it called something else with a misleading explanation with it). But when I tell them to look at the Affordable Care Act they say they are unaware of it. I’ve been giving them the government link but this is probably a good addition. So perhaps this could be more prominent? Thanks! Jeanne

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