Conditions - 2015 ASAP Conference Videos

ASAP Chiari & Syringomyelia Conference recorded presentations.

Current Findings in Genetics of Chiari Malformation Type I presented by Allison Ashley-Koch, PhD

Complex Chiari presented by Paolo Bolognese, MD

Chiari Malformation from the Prospective of the Ataxia Clinic presented by Vikram Shakkotai, MBBS

Panel Question & Answer Session moderated by Cormac Maher, MD with doctors Ashley-Koch, Bolognese and Shakkotai

Longitudinal Study of Pain and Functions Abilities in Chiari I Malformation and Syringomyelia presented by John Heiss, MD

Chiari I and Related Disorders: Neurological Assessment presented by Roger Kula, MD

Tethered Cord Syndrome presented by Nate Stetson, MS DO

Question & Answer Session 2 with doctors Heiss, Kula and Stetson

Chiari I Malformation: Controversies in Management-Pediatric Emphasis presented by Karin Muraszko, MD

Principles, Techniques and Clinical Applications of Phase Contrast MRI Cerebrospinal fluid Imaging presented by Rajiv Bapuraj, MD

Headaches and the Neck Part I presented by Wade Cooper, DO

Panel Question and Answer Session 3 moderated by Cormac Maher, MD with doctors Muraszko, Bapuraj and Cooper

An Interdisciplinary Chiari I Clinic – The UAB Experience presented by Leon Dure, MD

Hydrocephalus, Shunts and Shunt Problems in Children presented by Bermans Iskandar, MD

Pediatric Syringomyelia presented by David Frim, MD

What Other Disorders Can Look Like a Chiari Malformation? presented by Steve Leber, MD

Panel Question and Answer Session 4 moderated by Cormac Maher, MD with doctors Dure, Iskandar, Frim and Leber

of Chiari Malformations presented by Timothy George, MD

ASAP Multi-Center Chiari/Syringomyelia Surgery Trail Update presented by Bermans Iskandar, MD

A Current Look at Chiari Malformation presented by Cormac Maher, MD

Panel Question and Answer Session 5 moderated by Cormac Maher, MD with doctors Timothy George and Bermans Iskandar

Headaches and the Neck part II presented by Wade Cooper, MD

Primary Spinal Syringomyelia presented by Ulrich Batzdorf, MD

Question and Answer Session with Dr. Batzdorf

NIH Common Data Elements: Chiari presented by Brandon Rocque, MD

The Psychological Costs of Illness and Pain presented by Lance La Certe, PSY D

Incidental Pediatric Chiari, Separating Myth from Reality presented by Robert Keating, MD

Question and Answer session #7 moderated by Dr Maher with panelist Rocque, La Certe, and Keating

The Age 12 Mystery: CSF Flow Abnormalities as A Chiari Diagnostic presented by Mark Quigley, PhD

How reliable is Phase-Contrast MRI presented by Bryn Martin, PhD

Park Reeves Syringomyelia Research Consortium
presented by David Limbrick, MD

Pregnancy and Chiari I Malformation 2015 presented by Roger Kula, MD

Child and Family Life presented by Julie Piazza and Jennifer Holly

Art & Music Therapy for Pain Management presented by Meredith Schlabig, MT-BC, NICU MT