Great Expectations - Conference – Youth Agenda

KIDS For A Cure Club
Conference Program

Come join in the fun!

Lots of fun activities for children 5-15 years of age. Crafts, entertainment and more!

Thursday, Friday and Saturday go from 9:30-12:00 1:30-3:30. (Parents will need to pick up children for Lunch break)

We are having Kerri Wagner, Child and Family life Specialist coming in on Thursday and Friday morning to do a therapeutic art activity that will tie in together. (once we have more of a number and age range I will know more about what activity Kerri is thinking about doing.)

Thursday afternoon we have a certified Yoga instructor, Jill, who volunteers with SIBS, will be having a yoga session after lunch. Jill will be able to modify the yoga stretches for those that may not be able to do it so they do not hurt themselves.

Friday afternoon Dr. Roger Kula will be having a Q&A session for the kids to be able to answer any questions they may have about Chiari, Syringomyelia and other related disorders.

Saturday is going to be a low key day as I’m sure everyone will be getting tired. We will be decorating our own cookies. Saturday afternoon we will be having a therapy dog coming in. Denis will be bringing in his Bichon Frise, Heidi. The kids will be able to ask questions and interact with the dog.