ASAP Launches Early Detection and Awareness Campaign


Early DetectionAs part of our ongoing commitment to promote early detection of Chiari and syringomyelia, we’ve launched a national awareness campaign that moves across the country. How? Trucks!

CTX-Group, a trucking company with routes throughout the Mid-Atlantic States, has donated their trailers for ASAP to place public service advertisements. Ten trailers are already outfitted with the ads, and more are in the works.

Each one features the faces of individuals affected by Chiari and syringomyelia with catching slogans such as: Headache after coughing or sneezing? Ask your doctor about Chiari malformation; and Spinal cord, scoliosis, bladder problems? Ask your doctor about syringomyelia. Each truck also has the web address.

The goal of this campaign is promote early detection of CM and SM and increase awareness of the disorder. Special thanks to CTX-Group for donating their trucks, and Finger Print Media for donating design and product costs.

Keep your eye out for these unique public service ads!

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