Prescription Drug Cards


How do you know if a prescription discount card is legitimate? The truth is that some programs are scams and will offer little, if anything, but headaches.

Before signing up for any kind of discount program – prescription discount card or similar – it is wise to read the fine print. Many prescription discount cards are not affiliated with insurance companies, drug companies, pharmacies or retail establishments. If that is the case, one should always wonder why the company is making the offer. Often those companies sell the information to third parties, such as telemarketers. In exchange, the savings programs they offer may save the consumer only 5% or 10% on prescription drugs. With the high cost of medication every bit of money saving helps, but is it worth the annoyance.

Look for a prescription discount card that is affiliated with related companies. Many can be printed online and most are free of charge. Make it worth your while to subscribe and try to provide as little personal information as possible during the sign up process.

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