Weekend Camp for Kids Won’t Be Forgotten


ASAP and Miracle Wish for Chiari joined together to send children with Chiari malformation and syringomyelia along with their families to Victory Junction Camp in North Carolina this past November.

Complete with riding stables, a 4-lane bowling alley, water park, auditorium, indoor kickball and wiffle ball park (including night lights and score board),  Victory Junction is not just a camp, but an opportunity  for children and families  to escape the day to day struggle of health challenges. 

But just in case health problems creep up, no fear. The medical facility (called the Body Shop) is a miniature hospital.  They have all the necessary equipment, including a full pharmacy, to ensure every child’s needs are met. A total feeling of safety and security prevails throughout Victory Junction. 

Twenty three families attended the weekend. Some highlights included: a three-hour sit-down session with geneticist Dr. Allison Ashley-Koch as well as pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Fuchs; communal dances after every meal; a skit featuring all 23 families; and a full video crew was on hand to film the entire weekend and provide each family with their own DVD.

It was a weekend that laid the foundations for lifelong friendship and priceless memories. One child said it best, “I don’t want to go home.”

Special thanks to Victory Junction, Miracle Wish for Chiari and ASAP for making it happen.

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