BillIt all started for Bill after a motor vehicle accident in August of 1995. After being released home from the hospital, he quickly returned to work but the problems were obvious: forgetfulness, leaving his vehicle running in the parking lot, passing out at his desk and car, tremors, migraines, personality changes, anger, then a seizure.

Doctors suggested it “was all in his head”, but Bill kept searching for answers. Finally he was diagnosed with syringomyelia. Shortly therafter he underwent surgery and with the help of a team of physicians, is still learning to cope.

Bill has many serious challenges including continuing pain, bowel and bladder dysfunction, lack of sensation, and a host of skin problems, to name just a few. He has a neuro stimular for his bladder and a percutaneous cecostomy that helps with bowel functions. He says,”Life goes on”.

Bill lives in Alaska with his wife and kids and his hobbies include: electronics including repair, antique autos and woodworking. He is also active in his local church.

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