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Business Cards

Don’t just tell people about SM and CM, show them!

ASAP member, Jerry Lindner designed cards to explain SM/CM that he could carry in his wallet. Order your personalized business cards today.  Let us know what information you would like on the front of the card i.e. name, address, phone, email.

Send information along with a check made paybable to ASAP: 20 cards = $5.00; 40 cards = $10.00
Mail to:
PO Box 1586
Longview TX 75606-1586

If you have questions call 903-236-7079, or Email:


State and County Programs
Assistance programs offered by the state vary. Searching for what is available in your area can be time consuming and frustrating. By clicking on the title above (or go to, you can search for county offices in a specific area. Just type in your County and State to find resources near you.

Apply for disability


Patient Resource Guide

Patient Advocate Foundation offers a national resource guide for patients that includes state by state resources for a wide range of financial services.


Air flight services

There are many nonprofits that provide air travel for medical services. Visit these sites for more info: