I am looking for stories......

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I am looking for stories......

Postby Chiariblogger » Sun Oct 18, 2009 7:28 am

Hi all

I am new to the forums, but I run a blog in the UK http://www.chiariblog.co.uk

I am looking for stories to add to the compliment those that I already have. I am looking for successful stories, or those that are less than. I am also looking for, more importantly stories from family members, carers, children of sufferers. friends or work colleagues.

I am trying to find a complete rounded story of how others have approached Chiari and Syringomyelia.

I would be very interested also in anyone that is just starting out on their journey and may want to keep updating it on the site?

It is wonderful to meet so many of you, and hear your stories....often visitors dont want to jump right into a forum in case they may not feel they are a part of it, just reading peoples stories is enough for them.............I would like to offer different perspectives to mine and would be very grateful for any input that you have.

Thank you all.

ACM (17mm herniation) SM C1 to C3. Decmpression Surgery April 2009. http://www.chiariblog.co.uk
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