1 year today!

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1 year today!

Postby joshhearne » Thu Oct 21, 2010 8:38 am

Hey gang,

Today marks my one year post-op date. Things couldn't be better physically or inside my head. Sure, I get a little headache here or there and I'm currently fighting off a sinus infection, but in terms of comparison between now and 365 days ago, it's indescribable.

I went in Wednesday last year for my decompression and came back home the Sunday afterwards. I spent the next 2 and a half weeks in and out of bed resting and not doing much. 2 weeks post-op I got my staples removed and the next week I got the green light to go back to work and start driving again. Light duty for 6 weeks at work, starting at a max lift weight of 10 lbs adding 5 lbs a week until about Christmas.

3 months later, I went into Dallas for my first MRI after surgery. Before I showed very poor CSF flow where my Cerebellum (about 25mm/1 inch herniation) blocked my Foramen Magnum. I also had a Syrinx from my C2-C6. The MRI showed no more Syrinx, only a tiny sliver of what it used to be and that my Duraplasty and Decompression looked great. Symptom wise, I was no longer experiencing the intense pain from coughing or laughing. No more headaches. No tingle in my spine from that Syrinx and the muscle twitching had stopped as well.

I highly recommend this NS if your in the East Texas area. Dr. Richard Jackson of Dallas Neurosurgical. Without him and his staff, I wouldn't be where I'm at now.

Last weekend, I created a Facebook group for people in my area (East Texas/Lufkin, TX) with Chiari. I've already been able to meet one of them before creating the group and have added a few more. If your in the area and want to join, PM me here or add me as a friend (on Facebook)with a message mentioning this post or Chiari and I'll get you in the group. I hope to set up a few meets for dinner and really want it to take off from there. Mainly it's going to be for advice and helping newbies who don't know to come here or other places, but I won't mind it if it gets to the point where we're doing more for the local Chiari community with fundraisers or spreading awareness.

Thank you all so much for all the help along my journey so far, it's greatly appreciated.

DX'd 9/23/09
PFD Surgery on 10/21/09, Craniotomy, C-1 Laminectomy and Duraplasty (own tissue)
24mm Herniation (CSF now good/normal)
C2-C6 Syrinx (Collapsed :))
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Re: 1 year today!

Postby wendi » Thu Oct 21, 2010 1:15 pm

Josh, that is truly fantastic. You are so lucky! So many people do not have the great outcome that you do. You are to be commened on the fact that you are doing so well and want to help others who have no idea where to turn. It is amazing that you want to pay it forward so to speak and help others and raise awareness. I thank you!

ACM 7.5mm B4 TCS 2.4mm post op
TC ,TCS @ TCI on 1/3/08,
chronic sacrolitis
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