10 years and 1 year post op

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10 years and 1 year post op

Postby jjames » Tue Feb 17, 2009 8:53 pm

Hello all!
I have been a member of this board on and off for several years. I was accidently diagnosed with ACM and SM in 1998, with a syrinx that ran from C1-T10. I had an MRI because of an unrelated concussion, and the radiologist that read the report found the ACM (I was relatively asymptomatic, as I was very young - still in high school.) I was told that I immediately had to have the decompression surgery in December of 1998. We were told that the surgery was a success, and I had follow up MRI testing every year for nine years. I even gave birth to my first son in 2006. Then the MRI that I had in 2007 showed signs that the first surgery was not successful, as the syrinx (that had been unchanged for all those years) was now slightly bigger. I decided to go in for a second opinion, and scheduled an appointment at TCI in July of 2007. They confirmed that the surgery was not successful, and it needed to be redone. So I was scheduled for a PFR in September. Living in Nebraska, and having an almost one year old son made the surgery in New York a challenge. But I have a wonderful family, and all went well. Now, 17 months after my second surgery, I feel great! The symptoms that I developed throughout the years have decreased, and I just had my second son in November. The second surgery was life saving....I strongly believe that, after what they found when they were in there. Other than the fact that I am still fighting with my insurance company, I am very blessed!!
That was the story in a nutshell.....I would be happy to elaborate to anyone interested!
God Bless!
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Re: 10 years and 1 year post op

Postby mindriot » Fri Feb 20, 2009 6:00 pm

great story!

just goes to show how long it can take to get a good outcome. you are very lucky and i wish you all the best.

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