Studio apartment renovations coming along!

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Studio apartment renovations coming along!

Postby Amy Joe » Tue Jan 18, 2011 9:03 am

When we bought our house in Aug of 2008 it had a walk out studio apartment the suffered bad water damage from copper pipes stolen. With our son moved back home into Lizzy's apartment as a family we decided to gut and repair the studio for Liz.

The living room / bedroom now has all new wiring, insulation, drywall and lighting!! First coat of compound is done. We will be ready for paint this weekend.

Kitchen / bathroom ceilings will be insulated today. All the wiring is complete, rough in plumbing done. Pre-treatment / seal for mold will be complete on the walls today. A new product on the market after Katrina is very inexpensive, non toxic to use, seals kills any and all molds!! So happy about that.

All the kids and hubby have been working weekends and Wednesdays on this project! Me....I do light clean up - keep the coffee flowing and make the food! I got some serious watch dogs making sure I don't join in the fun :(

Mid February is her move in date! My oldest son Stephen is handling all the finish work, creating as much usable storage units including a L shaped window seating area to function as her couch + storage inside! I can't wait to see it the L is 2 windows so this should be very pretty to look outside, her cats are going to really enjoy!

And of course....frugal me! Is pay as you go. Nothing on charge or loan. Each Friday when DH, Jr and Liz get paid, the money gets put on the table and we all chip in for supplies. Then I call EVERY home improvement store for bids!!

I will post photo's once we are complete!!

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