sad day

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sad day

Postby princesstibia » Mon Apr 18, 2011 10:20 pm

I am depressed today. I watch "Love and Other Drugs" not a good idea. I am an emotional idiot now. In the movie the lead chacter says "I need you and you need me" She denies it. He says something like."Everybody needs someone."

I have other medical conditions besides CM and SM. I have severe endometriosis. They found 2 more large (and I mean HUGE) cysts. I have already had surgery for that which led to me being cut in half.

I have been in two other REAL, long term relationships. Both of those couldn't deal with my illness. I had a doctor ask "Is your boyfriend going to leave you because of all your problems?" I am heart broken and scare.

How do you deal with letting some on into your life when you are sick? I feel like it is unfair. He is going to have to deal with my bad days and all the pain that comes with SM. I wish there was a local support group in SAN DIEGO to help me deal.
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Re: sad day

Postby wendi » Tue Apr 19, 2011 7:46 am

I truly believe there is someone for everyone and the right person who will love you is out there. You need to relax and he will come to you. I watched Opera and there was a woman who had to have her legs and arms amputated after the birth of her daughter. Her fiance still loved her. He was quite a man. That just goes to show you there are still good ones out there who will love you for you, warts and all. He will have his own problems that you will have to overlook too. Maybe that is why they say love is blind. I sometimes think deaf and dumb too.

Hang in there! Look on the main site here as there are listing of the local support groups. Or you could start your own. We do have some members in your area.

Wendi in PA
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Re: sad day

Postby kiminfla » Wed Apr 20, 2011 4:46 am

I'm sorry that you're feeling scared. I hope you can find some local support and that things will improve! We're here for you! Be blessed, Kim
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Re: sad day

Postby aspen13 » Sat Apr 23, 2011 1:22 pm

Hey Princess! I am in San Diego.

Hang in there, you will find someone with compassion and integrety. I have CM. Pineal Cyst, DDD, Hip Impingment. My husband jokes and tells my dad I am broken and one more surgery and he is retruning me for the lemon law. When I feel down I come here. I really think that you can't expect your SO to be the sounding board. I am feeling okay now, but lan on seeing a therapist. My husband supports and takes care of me, but he isn't my caregiver, he's my partner. We try to keep things balanced, understanding that when I do feel up to it I go that extra mile for him and when I don't feel good he takes care of me. You will find someone who not only wants to be taken care of, but will take care of you. Just hand in there.

Who is your doctor? I have Kaiser and had surgery with Dr. Won in Fontana.
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Re: sad day

Postby razzle » Sat Apr 23, 2011 3:29 pm

happy birthday Kim
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Re: sad day

Postby chrisw » Sat Apr 23, 2011 11:22 pm

Some people can handle this crap we HAVE to handle every day of our lives, and I am a firm beleiver that there is not one but many people out there for each one of us. We have to find them, that's the hard part. I forget how to look,myself, and need to figure that out sooner or later.

One important thing is not to settle for someone you think you could be happy with- you have to take the time to find the one you are happy with. I have wasted way too much time with those people I think I could be happy with. My motto now is are they right or wrong, and most of the time we know early on but we spend too much time with those who are not right. Its easier just staying with someone, even the wrong someone, than moving forward.

There is someone sitting home alone tonight wishing they knew you. They might be out having a good time with friends, or out on a bad date, and they just haven't met you yet. The best way to find someone who you are a good match is by doing things you like. Heck, I have joined a bee club, yup raising honey bees. I want to join other clubs of things I LIKE, and hopefully I will meet someone who likes what I like too!
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