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Postby gunflint » Wed Aug 01, 2012 3:34 pm

razzle wrote:Drs dont seem to think bulging discs are that important , but my NS said on top of my syrinx and chiari it doubles the pain. Not really anything to do for them except surgery if they are really big... I have several . Take care ... Roz

It's these little gems that makes this board so important. I need to write this down in my PCP notes for when I see him in October. If it's really true then severe lower back pain was my first telling symptom. We (my doctor and myself) thought that I had just worn it out from logging.
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Postby vframe » Sun Aug 05, 2012 7:09 pm

i had the discogram last Monday and finally got a short reply from my pain specialists nurse saying it showed "significant disc involvement" and she couldn't explain what that meant or let me talk to my doc. i think i am going to ask my NS to change me to someone else. unfortunately for me, my NS was on vacation last week so it will be this week before i find anything further out.
i am still having one problem with all my docs, they still say they don't think the syrinx is causing my pain. but am i wrong in thinking "hey, this if not right, anything that widens that small canal has to be causing this, it is not normal and displaces something right?", my syrinx in long but not large across but i don't know.
everything seems to be progressing so quickly, this past week has been horrible, i can't walk without hurting, if i sit too long i hurt, if i move certain ways i feel horrible electric shocks across my back, my hands and fingers when i wake up are so numb they hurt, my pain meds are not helping.
i guess i will just let yall know what my NS says this week and go from there,
thanks for all the support, i hope one day to be able to pay it forward to the next person but please forgive me for right now, i am wallowing in self pity.
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