weekness and pain in legs

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weekness and pain in legs

Postby taichi » Mon Oct 01, 2012 10:53 am

Other than the back pain. now my legs are hurting and weak. I can only stand for short periods of time. what I wanted to know for those who have loss use of their legs.does this sound like the beginning? I take 300 to 350 of tramadol. This helps the back pain but not the leg pain. I am having problems with my fingers working properley. the ns I saw said I am not a canidate for surgery.
I have scoliosis with a harrington rod, sm ,c3 c4 stenosis,narrowing ,c4 c5 lateral disc ,centeral discosteophyte with stenosis, c5 c6 central stenosis,spurring,narrowing c6 c7 spinal stenosis, extensive syrinx involving cervical spinal and thoracic cord.
this is an old report.
to my understanding It goes from the all the way that the can get view due to the hardware. I really do not guess you needed all that anyway. It took forever to to get it there My age plays a part 68yr.
thank you
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