Met her birth mom

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Met her birth mom

Postby donny » Fri Jul 03, 2015 10:34 pm

Heidi and I went to see Heidi's birth mother for the first time. It was a very pleasant visit and she also met her half sister. They both have been very honest about medical things with us and unfortunatly we had to be honest with them. I say unfortunate because Drs Don't really recognize EDS which Heidi has. Of course Heidi has communicated with them prior to the visit about her medical conditions but they didnt understand and were trying to figure out where it all came from. This was a topic of discussion within the first hour and we mentioned a few charicteristics of EDS such as being double jointed, easy bruising, among a couple other things and it fit her birth mom. She has severe arthritis with scoliosis. Now her other daughters need to know.
They had very long talks about what their individual lives were like and shared many many photos, had dinner. just a very good visit when all was said and done. Very nice people
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