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Postby MG18 » Sat May 28, 2016 10:27 am

Here is what MRI report says:
" There is a 4 mm long fusiform focus of increased T2 signal intensity in the anterior midline cervical cord at C6 level suspicious for small syrinx. This measure apporx 4 mm in length and 2 mm AP. This is very low signal on the T1 - weighted images. I favor cystic change over the plaque on the basis of images acquired. Impression : single small fusiform focus of fluid signal in the anterior midline cervical cord at C6 level. Suspect small syrinx."

My symptoms are :
1. Main is dizziness 24/7 for last 6 months
2. Partial numbness and tingling on left foot and hand
3. Muscle twitches/ fluttering
4. Head pressure and ear pressure and runny nose that comes and goes

I also have bulging disks from C3 - C7. Can this cause syrinx? I do not have Chiary, or any other abnormality reported by radiologist.

Syrinx that is located in C6 level can cause dizziness? The symptoms have been progressive. I had only dizziness for first 4 months. In month 5 I developed some on and off numbness of foot and hand on left side. Soon after that I have transient numbness of face and sometimes head.

Also what is the prognosis? I saw some places that some of these syrinx are congenital defects specially if they are small. I was very scared of having MS but now I feel like MS would be better than this.

Also what are the surgical options? I gather that I syrinx has to be big and causing problems. This disorder looks very less understood.

Do you know any good neuro surgeon or doctors in Atlanta, GA?

Thank you!
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