NS in Baltimore or Philly?

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NS in Baltimore or Philly?

Postby tobeornottobe » Thu Jan 05, 2012 2:35 am

Hi all -
I'm looking for another NS opinion in either the Baltimore area or possibly Philly. (I'm in Wilmington, DE - kind of right in-between.)
I've been seen by Dr. Weingart at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore (he actually did my CM decompression June 2010) - but my on-going symptoms have been referred back to NL for migraine treatment.
I'd like another CM specialist to see me and determine if it is indeed a migraine - or if my symptoms are related to something else that is usually diagnosed w/CM or another Neuro. condition/complication.
Anyone have any good options?
Thanks! Jen
CM 1 w/decompression & synthetic dura patch June 11, 2010 @ JHU
Chronic Migraines
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