Cold Laser for syrinx reduction

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Cold Laser for syrinx reduction

Postby AKShel » Thu Jan 19, 2012 3:00 am

This is odd, perhaps....but with new technologies with cold lasers....whats the chance one could reduce a syrinx? I've heard of rolfers and others trained with such lasers who can reduce swelling would otherwise preclude or delay surgery for knees, would certainly be less invasive! I know they change things at a cellular level, using light waves....

Has anyone heard of or tried such alternative treatment?

I had decompression surgery in June 2011....two subsequent infections....MS to exascerbate everything.....and now ,my once reducing syrinx (c4 - t8) is refilling....really do not want any surgery or invasive procedures. Fighting like crazy to maintain mobility....

My nephew is a PT in CO and rolfer trained with the laser.....he is doing some homework for me now....prior to my 31 Jan NS consult.....

I'll keep you posted, but if anyone has any input, more info is more ammo for a better informed decision. My options in AK are limited....

Thanks for input,
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