Bovine Patch Rejection and Beef Allergy

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Bovine Patch Rejection and Beef Allergy

Postby zenkeeper » Fri Feb 10, 2012 5:53 pm

IYO/E do you think there is a connection?

I had my PFD surgery 1.5 yrs. ago with a bovine patch and had and early "reaction" causing severe meningitis and requiring 4 months of steriods. Honestly I have had problems ever since....I am seeing Dr. Oro in 5 days so I hope to get some answers. doc ran a test for beef allegies and it came up high positive. So now I wonder if I was/am allergic to the patch from day one. Do you think if you have a beef allergy that you might have a higher chance of rejecting the patch? Or are they two seperate responses?

Thanks!!! ZK
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