Surgery May 3rd -ugggghhh!

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Re: Surgery May 3rd -ugggghhh!

Postby toport20 » Sun Apr 15, 2012 10:20 pm

RIrider, wow you have a great attitude on cancelled surgeries! LOL I would have been hot- especially having to go to NY. Did you finally have your surgery?

tennesseewalker- good point, didn't know that could happen/I mean the womanly thing. In fact, I think it did my last surgery now that I think about it! Luckily, my flight won't be too bad, I live in OH. I do have a stupid layover in Detroit though. : (

Kim- thanks for the positive outlook!!

Wow, after all these years, knowing something was wrong with me but didn't know what. It's crazy, I thought I was going crazy too. Kinda relieved in a way. We'll see after surgery...LOL
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