low pressure headaches and unable to function...

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low pressure headaches and unable to function...

Postby emmacos » Tue Apr 17, 2012 1:48 pm

Hi All,

Does anyone else have such bad ongoing low pressure headaches that they are virtually unable to function?

And is there anything that can be taken or done to help them?

My daughter Helen is still laid up in hospital, only getting respite from lying flat, as her headache is so bad when she sits up or moves around. She has seen the neuro surgeons/neurologists and there seems nothing anyone can do to help her... no one is offering any meds or surgery to help, and she just cant continue to lie in bed with such bad head pain....

They are saying she is definitely having low pressure headaches, and they've done an mri scan which apparently shows this, but there doesn't seem to be much they can do that will help...

She's had the low pressure headaches before, and even gone into hospital with them, but they have always eventually gone in the past in a week or so, but this time she is getting no relief, and the pain has been almost constant for 2-3 months, and just seems to have got worse.

Its all pretty soul destroying, and I wish I could afford to bring her to America but we don't have private health care - we rely on the NHS here in England. If this carries on, and no one is willing to help, I'm going to have to find the money from somewhere!!!

Does anyone on here suffer with low pressure headaches, and do you take any meds that help?

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Re: low pressure headaches and unable to function...

Postby dtyree » Tue Apr 17, 2012 6:15 pm

This might be a viable cure, might share this with your docs.

http://aboutheadaches.blogspot.com/2011 ... ssure.html

Do hope all goes well.
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