Not heart but feels like it

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Not heart but feels like it

Postby sherryhelms » Tue May 22, 2012 8:16 pm

I have symptoms that led me to a cardiologist today... had a stress test and heart seems fine.
Symptoms the last couple of weeks have been upper middle back pain (elephant on my back). Pains goes through to my chest and then up to my jaws, ears and the side of my head. These occur in "spells" and I am not doing anything special when this happens. At this same time, I constantly have shoulder, shoulder blade, neck, arm pain from what I think is a pinched nerve. I do have a chiari. 3 syrinx (one in cervical spine and 2 in thoracic spine). Disc bulges from C4 to C7.
Do chiaris and syrinxs cause such pains?
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Re: Not heart but feels like it

Postby June » Wed May 30, 2012 11:00 pm

I can't give you a definite answer, except for the back pain--SM can cause pain like that--but I can say that I have SM, and I've been in the ER twice in the past few years with suspected heart problems, when my heart turned out to be fine. The last time was just three weeks ago--chest and back pain, shoulder and arm pain, shortness of breath, etc., etc. and my DH insisted that I go to the ER. (It was a Sunday night--no offices open.) They did all the usual tests and told me my heart was fine--good news, but I felt pretty stupid going in with what I guess was just more than the usual SM pain.

Until somebody comes up with some treatment for these "diseases" we have, I guess we just have to keep on doing the best we can with pain control. I had tethered cord surgery last summer, and that helped for awhile, but the pain is back big time now. I'm not sure it was worth the time and money to have the surgery. Sorry to be so negative--maybe I'll be better in another hour when I can take another pain pill!
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Re: Not heart but feels like it

Postby Judi » Fri Jun 01, 2012 11:19 pm

I read this and my "heart" went out to pun intended. You could be my symptom twin. I dread the pain. Three weeks ago began around of pain that was horrific. Because I teach and it was the end of the school year, I remained on my feet, but came home to collapse. Co-workers would tell me I was no "fun" any more, that there was nothing wrong with me and to get on with it. The local dr. spine specialist read the report from a Chiari Center who reviewed my files and called me to come see them...then gave me the brush off becauseni do not have local doc said my pain was not caused by my syrinx. It was: all in my head, too small, in the wrong place and I had probably had it all my life. He said I probably had cancer....nice guy. He listed a load of tests, some scans, but I didn't need an MRI to check my syrinx. My pcp is a great guy, but he knows nothing about this...he let's me have pain meds, and recently let me try Topamax. This med, despite the side effects, does seem to help somewhat with the pain. I still get what I call the steam roller chest pain. I fear that one of these days I wont recognize a heart attack for what it is, thinking it is just a "syrinx attack".
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