LP shunt surgery

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LP shunt surgery

Postby pseudotumor » Thu Jul 05, 2012 12:29 am

Hello all,
I finally bit the bullet and had the fabulous Dr. Oro put a shunt in me last tuesday since these bi-monthly lumbar punctures and excessive drugs were doing nothing. I did alright at first but then my first day home I started getting low pressure headaches from the shunt draining too much and was re-admitted. The low pressure headache was much worse than the high pressure ones and I thought I was dieing or something. So then yesterday I had surgery again and he put in the magnetic valve to control it better. I'm set at a 15 and that's working out alright for now. Apparently there were some complications in putting in the valve about anchoring and to quote my husband "the shunt getting all tangled and junk". I haven't actually spoken to the doctor since the surgery, but am at home now in a deal of agony. Every muscle in my abdomen is screaming, I keep getting spasms, my stomach feels distended and I've had a terrible time trying to pass gas.etc My legs feel like they're made of jello and are tingling. (Muscular atrophy from laying in bed for a week?) The plus side is my head doesn't hurt too much! :) Where the valve was actually placed feels tender and like I have a lego block under my skin. I feel severley ** up from being on 1 mg of IV dilaudid every two hours for the past week and then suddenly going off of it. From other people's experiences does this all sound normal? To I have more pain to look forward to?
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