Has anyone had issues with hardware after CCF?

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Has anyone had issues with hardware after CCF?

Postby DeeHall » Tue Sep 18, 2012 12:03 pm

Hello fellow Chiarians...
Some of the veterans may remember me, but for the newbies, I have CM, SM, TCS, EDS, CCI, POTS... Just to name a few of the most important diagnoses. I have had surgery for the TCS, Anterior Cervical Discectomy with fusion from c4-c6 and PFD with Fusion from occiput to C5. I have recently been having some issues which has brought me back to the dr for yet another appointment with Dr Kula. He seems to think that I may be having some hardware issues ( loose screw/fractured rod). I'm wondering for my fellow fused edsers... What kind of revisions have you had to undergo? I do know a couple people who have had issues.. Just trying to gather more info from people who have been thru it and how you are doing after the revision? I'm going in for a slew of image studies 10/1 and will then have to go back to meet with Dr Kula and Dr B to go over the results. Thanks for any advice you may have :)
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