Can/Do CHIARI headaches cause brain damage

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Can/Do CHIARI headaches cause brain damage

Postby dna3d » Sat Nov 28, 2015 12:34 pm

I am returning to the board after a few years. I am post surgery about 7 years, and would do it again without question. I have been noticing an increase in memory and cognitive problems lately, to the point that it is effecting my professional, as well as my personal life. So much that I may need to close my business. These symptoms where one of the major problems I had before surgery, but like I said they have become more of a problem.

I am wondering if there has been any discussion or research done on the subject of brain damage caused by CHIARI headaches. It would seem to me that the pressure caused by the blood pumping into the brain and spinal fluid not being able to exit would be similar to a whole brain concussion with every heartbeat. I remember watching a documentary on football players and how even small impacts that don't cause concussion have a cumulative effect on the brain and lead to reduced cognitive ability in the subjects. Or even like a boxer receiving repeated blows to the head.

I have heard stories of doctors saying CHIARI can't cause those kind of problems, and maybe that's true if it is only viewed from a locational perspective. But it seems to me that the possible damage from the type of headaches is being overlooked.

I'm not sure what I'm looking for in asking this question, maybe it's just an explanation for my deteriorating memory etc. It is easy to second guess yourself with this condition because the ramifications can be so wide spread.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and information.
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Re: Can/Do CHIARI headaches cause brain damage

Postby syrinx48 » Sat Dec 05, 2015 4:49 am


I am sorry that I can't give you an answer on this question!

What came to my mind though is, have you let you checked your vit B12 levels? And the other vitB's as well? They can give you all sort of neurological problems. Even the brain fog!

Nowadays a lot of people have vit shortages. Also the D is often too low.


PS. Deficiency leads to all sorts of symptoms. I only have them in Dutch, but look it up on the Internet!
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Re: Can/Do CHIARI headaches cause brain damage

Postby reedy » Sat Dec 19, 2015 1:52 pm

Hi dna3d
I also don't have any answers but I think it's a reasonable question. There might be a simple explanatipn why its not the case, but worth asking anyway. I'd suggest having a look at the scientific literature (use GoogleScholar to start with), get names of researchers doing work on Chiari and intercranial CSF pressure and write them emails. Try a bunch of different people - many will be too busy to answer. Keep the question straightforward (like you have) and ask them if they can recommend any published articles on related topics.

This site doesn't have many readers any more - I guess you might want to try the FB page. You might have a look around at oter sites - there is a charity in the UK doing chiari & syringomyelia outreach:
They have lists of researchers. But their office is closed over the holidays. In fact, I'm not sure how active they are - their website has a lot of blank pages. But its a lead.
Good luck and let us know what you find out
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Re: Can/Do CHIARI headaches cause brain damage

Postby dna3d » Tue Dec 22, 2015 1:43 am

Thank you for your replies! I will keep digging and thank you your the information.
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