frustrations galore and a peeling foot too!!

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frustrations galore and a peeling foot too!!

Postby daynthelife » Wed Jun 06, 2007 4:27 pm

I am so frustrated right now! I feel myself entering one of my "anxiety" phases worries though it's not the "pit of despair" just pure and total frustration!! The anxiety will most likely turn into "on a mission" mode and I'll probably just take matters into my own hands lol.

I've got some symptoms I want explained and that's not happening. If I believed or was told they were related to my SM that would be fine. Keep in mind my new Dr. is taking things a step at a time and I've been dealing with this for almost 2 years. I place no fault on him. I just wanted that up front before I begin my rant lol.

Ok...I've been complaining about pain in my lower back for almost 2 years (after the MVA) is sometimes severe and I've developed new sx's. At first the pain was in my legs only. They felt stiff and sore like they had been worked out or I had hiked uphill for miles or rode my bike uphill get the idea...they felt like this all the time..shortly after my legs began having pain my lower back began to hurt..then the tailbone area. Now my hips are spasming and I'm having spasms/cramps in my abdomen with shooting pains that go downward. Also my legs upon rest...sometimes sitting or after I lay down...start to ache and it's quite painful..I looked up RLS and the sx just don't quite fit. Most of the time if I sit for too long (longer than 20-30 mins) it takes a while to stand..I have to mentally prepare because it hurts to get up. At times I wake up in the middle of the night or very early morning hours with horrible tingling in my feet. Plus, not to gross anybody out, but the skin is peeling off of my right foot, from the tips/tops of my toes and I looked it up online and understand that it could be from nerve damage.

I'm getting frustrated because I've mentioned it at almost every Dr.s appointment I've been to. You'd think since I was in a MVA and especially since I was out of position and was wearing my seatbelt when we were rearended one of these Dr.s would've wanted to look at my lower back!! I honestly feel some of the issues I'm having with my lower back are not related to my SM but I can't get anyone to listen :x . If the above sx sound like sx of a cervical syrinx please let me off the hook here. This is something that has bothered me from day one.

Thanks guys and much luv,

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