permanent damage?

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permanent damage?

Postby prism » Wed Jun 20, 2007 12:03 pm


There probably isn't any way to know without seeing the specialists and MRI's but just in case, is there any way to tell if there are changes in your body from Cm1, Sm, Tc that are permanent?
I guess what most concerns me is especially toes, but fingers too tending to be curled in.
Changes in my feet seem to be pretty constant although worse at certain times. To me, it looks like some slight deformity going on. And it's becoming harder to straighten and move my toes and fingers, harder to walk without ankles turned akwardly. Can these things find resolution?
And is there anything you can do to keep mobility? Does massage or certain exercise help?
Thanks, prism

Postby mac » Sun Jul 01, 2007 12:03 am

Goodness, here is another post from you Prism that sort of fell thru the cracks! It musta been a busy news day!!

About your concerns. Barb in NH was diagnosed with Tethered cord at Dartmouth Hitchcock in NH. And she was detethered there not long ago.

Prism, she was paralyzed in one leg, but after her detethering, she has gained the use of that leg!! So, this would lead me to believe that I suppose some nerve damage is permanent, but some can be reversed through surgery.

One thing I do know for certain is that nerve damage can take a very long time to heal.

But concerning your toes, etc, it's very possible that with the right surgery, at the hands of the right surgeon, you could see amazing results.

Laura, Sweetartgirl, also had TC release done in Portland. I am wondering if her surgeon might be a good option for you. Possibly in network? Shrug with big question mark??

Prism, I'm so sorry these posts of yours did not get replied to. Sometimes that happens to me, too, but it's nothing personal...just I think people sort of scratch their heads and don't have an immediate answer, and so close it out and open another one and then forget....

love to you, galfriend. Hope you are well.
mac, and I hope Barb and Laura will see this and add their personal experience.

permanent damage

Postby prism » Sun Jul 01, 2007 9:22 am


Thanks again,

I looked up what an EMG is, it's sounds kind of confusing, but would no doubt be helpful. If you have trouble with muscle control and the EMG stiumlation contracts your muscles does that then indicate that the nerve pathways are damaged? Is that how it works? Curious. Anyway, I'll write this one down, because no one has ever addressed my muscle weakness issues specifically yet. Thanks.

And maybe if these other folks you mentioned don't post Mac, I will pm them for more input.
8) prism


Postby DavidinCinci » Sun Jul 01, 2007 10:05 am

i have follow up with my neurosurgeon on 7/11 to discuss my EMG. my EMG said everything is normal but my hands and feet are numb right now. i also also have some numbness in my forearms, pain in shoulders and tingling all throughout my body.

i have small syrinx in the C5-C6 area. my NSG said we would not know if any of my symptoms were permanat until time passes. i was decompressed about 21 months ago. i don't reaaly have many changes in my symptoms below the head since surgery. my headaches are gone and i still get burning feelings and tingling in my face but those usually only occurr when i am in a stressful situation.

i thought this article was interesting from the conquer chiari website. ... ssue%205(3)/Abnormal%20Skin%20Responses%205(3).asp

it will be interesting tosee what he has to say at my appointent.
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