head pain q. /doctor Edmonds/ Medical

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head pain q. /doctor Edmonds/ Medical

Postby prism » Sun Jun 24, 2007 11:19 am

Hi all,

I was wondering -- is at all a part of chiari to have pain in the eye, ear anD forehead too. most of my extreme pain lately has been just above my temple on my forehead, right at hair line radiating down and around ear/eyes.
The info on chiari pinpoints base of skull to eye as typical, so i was just wondering. i have the base of skull pain, but it's not so bad as the above stated.

Also, has anyone ever been to see:
Dr. Harvey Edmonds in Fresno, CA? oR know anything about him?

And have any of you dealt specifically with Medical in CA? Gotten coverage for Chiari related issues through them?

:shock: thanks.


Postby razzle51 » Sun Jun 24, 2007 3:51 pm

Here is the symptoms list again . Havent heard of that dr. but here aresome in California you can check out.


West Coast Neurosurgeons Experienced With Chiari Malformation
After reading voluminous web sites about CM/SM and seeing repeated mention of the names Dr. Milhorat and Dr. Bolgnese in New York, we started wondering if New York had a lock on Chiari surgery expertise. That’s simply not the case. I am sure that Drs. M & B are great at what they do, but so are many other neurosurgeons across the country.

Here is some general info on West Coast doctors that deal with Chiari Malformation / Syringomyelia (CM/SM) on a regular basis. I’ll add more information as time allows and as I get new information.

Dr. Leslie D. Cahan
Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles (Sunset)
Dr. Cahan does all of Kaiser’s pediatric Chiari Malformation surgeries. We have met him personally and we are currently scheduled with him for Jaden’s surgery in mid April, but we are hoping to move that appointment up. Obviously, we feel very confident in Dr. Cahan’s expertise in decompression surgeries. His skill as a surgeon was verified by a non-Kaiser doctor we consulted for a second opinion (Dr. McComb, below).

(Update: We used Dr. Cahan for Jaden’s surgery and he did an AWESOME job, by the grace of God!)

Dr. Soohoo Choi
Kaiser Permanente, Anaheim (Lakeview)
We were referred to Dr. Choi by Dr. Cahan to get an intra-Kaiser second opinion. We met him, and although we would probably feel comfortable with him doing the surgery, he said that the Sunset facility (where Dr. Cahan practices) has a pediatric ICU, while the Lakeview facility does not. He also told us that he does more adults, while Dr. Cahan generally handles pediatric patients. For these reasons, we have scheduled the surgery with Dr. Cahan. We later found out that Dr. McComb (below) trained Dr. Choi and has a lot of confidence in his abilities.

Dr. J. Gordon McComb
Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, Los Angeles
Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles
We saw Dr. McComb to get a second opinion outside of the Kaiser system. He was extremely thorough in explaining things us and was very knowledgeable about Chiari Malformation and its unique symptoms. For non-Kaiser patients, I would highly recommend a consultation with him.

Dr. Ulrich Batzdorf
UCLA Neurosurgery
This recommendation came through a CM/SM patient who called me with a good report on Dr. Batzdorf. She also recommended Dr. Lazareff for pedes patients.

Dr. Jorge A. Lazareff
UCLA Neurosuergy
I received positive feedback on Dr. Lazareff for his treatment of pedes Chiari cases.

Dr. Richard Ellenbogen
University of Washington Spine Center
I recieved positive feedback on Dr. Ellenbogen for those nearest to the Seattle area.

California Dr Jay Porcell 366 Evilla
Pomona, CA (909) 620-1955

California Dr Peter Weber 2100 Webster Street,
Suite 521
San Francisco, CA (415) 885-8628

California Dr Charles Wrobel 1830 Flower St
Bakersfield, CA 93306 (661)326-2000

California Dr Meyers 1830 Flower St
Bakersfield, CA 93306 (661)326-2000
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Postby mac » Sun Jun 24, 2007 5:02 pm

prism, I do believe that skull base paid radiating up over one or both ears and into the eyes is quite a common symptom of CM. It's also a symptom of Trigeminal Neuralgia, you might look that one up.

I did hear about a year ago of a good CM doctor in Fresno and then I lost his name. I wonder if this is the same doctor. Someone came on here and gave a really good report on this Fresno NS. That's all I can offer...otherwise, have not heard of him. Doesn't hurt to go check him out and ask some questions, such as how many CM patients he sees, or has seen.


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