Where to start?

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Where to start?

Postby Di » Mon Jun 25, 2007 8:35 pm

Hello every body :D . After reading this forum I finely decide go to TCI institute in NY for a consultation, but I don’t really know where I should start.
I have been reading about some papers which should be submitted to TCI before they schedule a visit.
Another problem is dealing with health insurance, I wander if there ANY statistic what kind off insurance give you less headache and pays more out off net work? I have Kaiser permanente with option out of net work.
I am really concern about cost (I am a student, and don’t have anybody I can rely on :( ).
I will appreciate any help, Thank you… :D
P.S I have syrinx T1-T12 3/4 mm

Postby mac » Wed Jun 27, 2007 2:09 pm

Hey there Di! welcome to the board!!

I'm glad you've decided to get active in your self advocacy. TCI is definitely a good place to start!

Go to their website: www.thechiariinstitute.com, and open the page with their staff listed. Go to the nurse who would cover your last name (beginning letter)...then email her and ask her to send you the necessary forms to fill out for an evaluation there. You can also call and tell her, or leave a message (most likely). Or do both!

That will get you started. Then, you mail or fax that back to them and wait a few weeks, then call and start bugging them if you haven't heard from them about setting up an appt for the evaluation. They are usually booked 3-4 months out, so getting the process started asap is important.

About your insurance, I really don't have any answers on that one. Medicare is probably the best insurance to go there with, but you must be on disability SSDI at your age to get on it.

Usually, TCI wants imaging done at Manhasset Diagnostics nearby. This is because they are receiving up to date and state of the art imaging. Nothing else really compares, and the MD staff knows exactly how to get the pictures done the way the TCI docs want them.

In the case of hardship, you can ask your nurse if you can use imaging done local to you, at least to start.

You can try for a room near the hospital there at a facility called Variety House. This is usually kept open for surgery pts and their families, but they sometimes have room available for those of us going to TCI but not for surgery. The cost is $25 a night.

Otherwise, there are motels nearby that in the $75-$175 a night range.

You would need to talk to Ed Randazzo in billing at TCI to find out how your insurance would work. You would probably have to leave $550 there at TCI to cover co pays etc, when you go for the evaluation.

The charge billed for both NL and NP and NS visits combined is about $1250. Perhaps you can call your insurance agent and find out up front how much of that they will pay.

I hope this helps get the ball rolling for you. It's a lot to arrange and do, esp if you are not feeling well, but it's worth it.



Postby razzle51 » Wed Jun 27, 2007 2:25 pm

all I know about that is this web page
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Postby mac » Wed Jun 27, 2007 3:48 pm

Wow, Roz, was an informative and pertinent article! Boy, that's a good one to have on hand for the people with KP insurance (or lack thereof!). Thanks!


Postby Di » Mon Jul 02, 2007 7:57 pm

Mac and razzle51, thank you very much for the information that is REALLY helpful!!!

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