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Postby Ivysmom » Tue Jun 26, 2007 7:25 pm

I'm planning on travelling around a bit this summer. I wonder how long I can really sit on a plane or in a car without it being too painful or tingly numb?
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Postby mrsariel » Tue Jun 26, 2007 8:36 pm

I think it will totally be up to you as to how much you can take sitting down. This past weekend I wanted to go on a day trip which was a 1.5 hours away from home. I was driving and half way up my neck started bugging me. Then within ten min I either got distracted or it just went away on its own.

coming home my left leg was driving me nuts aching but my neck was fine.

I have always found airplane pressure to drive my head nuts even before I knew I had CM.

what meds are you talking for the ICP?

Just my two cents.
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Postby LFRM » Wed Jun 27, 2007 6:25 pm

Hi, I am Laura from Mexico. I have been traveling a lot lately. I stop doing it before because of SM but then as I need the money to go to TCI I started traveling again. Here is my experience:

Airplane seats: Just one in one little airplane was great, the rest, the ones at the biggest airplaines are awful. After a while of being seated I start crying!!! I said to the airplane attendant: Please lend me your seat as it does not have this lumbar ball that all these "ergonomic" seats have. She agree to lend it to me while traveling. It was great, however I had to give it back when the plane landed. Lesson learned: You have to try seats first!!

I forgot to put my pain medicines in my bag, then I did not have them in hand when I needed them. Be sure you have your medicines in hand.

Then the problem was the beds at the hotels I love hard beds, so if the bed is soft I sleep at the floor, I just gather all the blankets of both beds and then I made up my own bed.

When I tralved I tell the people who is contracting me to put in place a Volks Wagen Vehicle called: Pointer, because those are the only seats I can use with out pain!!! Then the problem was that in some places they do not have this type of car!!! So I started to look for other cars, and fortunately I have found the main characteristic of no pain seats for me: they have to be straight with out any lumbar cushions so I can use them and be seated for hours.

Because of all these now I send a whole list of my needs before I travel to any place. I tell the people who's hiring me that I have a problem at the spine and that I need their support. This has helped me to avoy further problems!!!

So I think you need to know what is it that causes you problems so you can prevent and avoy them. I know that every body is different so because of this you have to be sure what are the things that makes you worst and what are the things that help you. It is better that you do them before traveling to any place. When you are at home you are like in a very protected place with your things and helpers but outside it is not like that!!. I hope this helps.

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