occipital nerve stimulator

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occipital nerve stimulator

Postby lcolangelo » Thu Jan 08, 2015 12:41 pm

Does anyone have experience with an occipital nerve simulator? I have a 16 year old daughter who has had 7 chiari decompressions..... and has had a constant headache in the back of her head for almost 2 years.... only narctoic pain medication gives her any relief.... and not much at that... we've tried so many drugs.... nobody is helping.....we've just traveled to Denver for another opinion... and the doctor recommended this.. My daughter's neurologist at home didn't think it would work... they've tried occipital nerve blocks with no success.....and the simulators are not MRI compatible.... anyone have any suggestions..ideas,,,anything? Thanks so much!
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Re: occipital nerve stimulator

Postby pmaxwell » Tue Jan 12, 2016 3:11 pm

I thought they tried the nerve blocks first as a test to see if the stimulator might work. I do know someone who had it and it worked for her but she had to have it removed so she could have an MRI. Also even though it helped with one pain she realized she has multiple pain issues.
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