Blinking Like Crazy

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Blinking Like Crazy

Postby TiredMom » Tue Aug 25, 2009 8:49 pm

Okay. Preston has started this really rapid blinking thing. It's all day long. I don't have a clue which doctor to mention it to. Could it be a weird side effect of the migraine meds he's taking for the chiari headache (he's only taking periactin - 4 mg two times daily)? Could it be a tic thing? Is it a pinched nerve? Is this stim behavior? (he is an Aperger's kiddo) He says his vision is normal, his eyes aren't dry, aren't itchy and don't hurt, he's not complaining about the lights anymore than usual (and he's wearing his tinted Irlen lenses a lot so that shouldn't be an issue)

He's not scheduled to either the NL or the NSG again until January. We have a meeting with his developmental pedi in September. I'm thinking she might be the best person to mention it to. Mentioning anything to his regular pedi that doesn't involve a cough, sore throat/ear, fever or rash is a lost cause.

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