still having headaches

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still having headaches

Postby lcolangelo » Wed Oct 28, 2009 8:11 am

My 3 year old son had a chiari decompression in August-- he had been having headaches brought on by coughing and straining etc. We caught it early because my 10 year old has had 4 decompressions so I guess we knew what symptoms to look for. After an infection in his incision sight, he has been doing pretty well up until now. He came down with the same horrible cough etc. that everyone has got, and again is complaining about pain in the back of his head-- right after coughing. I e-mailed the PA in my neurosurgeons office and she thought it's just his way of expressing any pain. I don't think so-- he's very articulate-- and is only complainig only after these coughing episodes. Has anyone had chiari symptoms return so quickly after a surgery'-- or not go away at all? I'm hoping it passes-- but can't help worry that there is still compression back there. Any thoughts would be great!
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