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new diagnosis

Postby sherry » Sat Apr 03, 2010 10:56 am

I have an eight year old son newly diagnosed with syringomyelia. He has had a rheumatoid condition for the past 4 years which we really dont have a diagnosis for. He has times when he gets fluid in his hip sockets which can then lead to physical therapy and anti-inflammatory drugs. He has been having daily headaches. The syrinx was found on accident due to an MRI he had for back pain. I was told there is no Chiari malformation. However I just found out he actually has 2 syrinxes. He has a 2 mm in C6-C7 and a 4 mm T8-T12. Currently he is on Elavil for the headaches. The neurologist seems to think the headaches are migraine related, but not sure. Thankfully he has no major symptoms. He is a pretty active boy. The doctors say he may never have a problem from the syrinx but as a parent I worry about what might happen. Any advice would be appreciated.
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