Pain Flare-Up After surgery??

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Pain Flare-Up After surgery??

Postby BeThereMom » Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:31 pm

My 11 yr. old daughter had a permanent shunt put in last Christmas for idiopathic syringomyelia with a syrinx at t5-t7 that was "fairly large". The results were amazingly fast, no more pain, no more wheelchair. This "return to normal" continued until about 3 weeks ago with a return of most of the pain, yet no numbness as before thank goodness. So back to Duke we went after 3 more MRIs, all which turn out normal. Shunt is working, syrinx is still collapsed so all should be fine, yet her pain. Doctor could only describe it as a pain flare-up that should go away at some point? That was 3 weeks ago, no pain meds work. Any one else had a similar flare-up situation with their child? Feel like we are spinning our wheels and need to ask for a referral to a pain management program. Thanks for letting me vent.
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