Can a syrinx just disappear?

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Can a syrinx just disappear?

Postby mequez » Mon Sep 27, 2010 10:37 pm

hi all,

My son was diagnosed with a small syrinx at the age of 8 (T9/10 area to L1). never any problems until recently. He is 18 now. started having pain in left ribs that would come and go maybe 20x/day; then this traveled to right side; now he has a constant dull pain. his legs are cramping up at night, and sustaining contractions and setting off his clonus, and he is unable to stop it, unless he walks. but as soon as he lays back down, it starts up again. it is to the point that he has gotten muscle relaxers to help with the spasms. he has numbness and tingling of his legs when sitting. he has lingering tingling after the muscle spasms, and after the initial sharp pains in his ribs. I am a Physical Therapist, and so i assumed it was related to an expansion of his syrinx. he is a freshman at college, and so we've been trying to work with the docs down where he is, and he finally got an MRI, which i thought would show an expansion. instead, the doc said that he really didn't even see a syrinx at all. we did see a spondylolisthesis, but this is a mechanical issue, and would not give him the neurological issues as noted above, except maybe the tingling when sitting (we are getting this part worked up now too). I was not thrilled with the doc we saw, but he was pretty adamant that there really was no syrinx; but could not explain all the neurological symptoms Michael is experiencing. Has anyone heard of something like this, where a syrinx will spontaneously resolve? His symptoms sure do not explain it.

i appreciate any and all feedback. I am taking him to a NS and Neurologist that i work with, as again, i was very NOT impressed with this guy we saw today!
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Re: Can a syrinx just disappear?

Postby SamuelsMom » Fri Oct 01, 2010 8:25 pm

There are some rare cases of spontaneous resolution or "mini miracle" noted.... We have been given difffernt information with my sons MRI readings. At one point I was told my sons syrinx got considerably smaller, then the next MRI it was back to the orginial size. You can imagine how disappointed we were, I really believed we got our miracle. When I asked how could it have gotten smaller, no one had answers. Then when the next MRI showed it back to orginial size, I was told it was told it probably never changed, could have been technical, maybe the way the MRI took the slices, different radiologist. Quite upsetting information---maybe someone could have told me not to get so excited.
This may not even be you case, but when I got the news that my sons syrnix got smaller, I did a alot of reading and there are in fact cases of spontaneous resolution------- I also wonder how it changes as kids grow. Nonetheless, hope you find a NS that you are comfortable with and that is an expert. Keep us posted.
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