Insomnia Update

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Insomnia Update

Postby memom » Thu Nov 18, 2010 12:46 pm

I wanted to update everyone on MaryEmma's insomnia situation. As you know, she has suffered from insomnia on many nights over the past year. The ped doc prescribed Melatonian for her last month. She is taking 1.5 mg once every three nights. I give it to her about 30 minutes before her bedtime. It is working very well. She has complained about having weird dreams that seem very real. This has happened just a few times. She also has been "sad" on somedays without explanation. The sadness is about once a week and it does not last long. She will have a good cry about something then she is fine and on her way again.

So, for everyone out there with insomnia problems, you may want to consider Melatonian, it is working for MaryEmma quite well. We are ALL sleeping better these days!

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Re: Insomnia Update

Postby lttutrow » Thu Nov 18, 2010 1:06 pm

I'm really glad to hear you've found something that works!!! Sleep is good for the kids, but also we parents ;)!
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Re: Insomnia Update

Postby medicpt » Thu Nov 18, 2010 3:02 pm

After the first thread about use of Melatonin, I asked Elise's NS about using it for her... he agreed and said there is not problem with her using the 3 mg dose. Does anyone having any other info on that? Risks, potential side effects?

I myself have started using is each night, and I am sleeping MUCH better!!!!! I also have a question about the pills.... we so far have only been able to find chewables with additional herbal supplements which I am not thinking she should have. Any brands of locations where you are getting chewables without the added stuff?

Memom, glad to hear that MaryEmma is have some sleep relief with Melatonin and you as well, since Mom's always sleep better when their kids sleep better!

Blessings, Wendi2
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