chiari and anxiety/phobia

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chiari and anxiety/phobia

Postby Chrystal » Sun Jun 12, 2011 10:19 pm

Hey Everyone,

I would appreciate any feedback.

My daughter is 10. At age 7 she had emergency decompression surgery for a 22 herniation. She has done great since the surgery - few headaches. Her ns allowed her to skip this year's MRI due to how well she was doing and how the last MRI looked.

Related to my question is this - about two months or so before my daughter got very sick and had surgery - and before we knew she had chiari - she started having extreme fear of the weather - to the point of being phobic about the weather and not being willing to go outside to play. We asked her ns about this at the time of her surgery and he said it could be related to the chiari. After her surgery, the phobic reaction to the weather seemed to ease and she had little problems with it until recently.

Over the last months I have noticed the fear some but just in the last week it has gotten to the point of being a phobia again. So I am wondering - worrying. Do I need to call the ns? Have things changed internally that we need another mri to see? Or is this just a totally different issue?

Has anyone else had a child with chiari deal with anything like this - extreme anxiety - a phobia?

Thank you
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Re: chiari and anxiety/phobia

Postby medicpt » Mon Jun 13, 2011 6:06 pm

I wonder if she can "feel" the change in barametric pressure related to the weather and has noticed that she has increased symptoms/pain whenever the weather changes. She may not express it as an adult would and therefore, it may just appear to be anxiety. If you feel that her symptoms seemed the be consistent with her chiari, then I would think it would warrant at least a call to they ns. Just a thought, I don't know that it is not anxiety, but the fact that it resolved post surgery would lead me to think that is may be a physical symptom.

Best wishes, I know I am always concerned about my daughter having return of symptoms, or developing new ones.

Blessings, Wendi2
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Re: chiari and anxiety/phobia

Postby lttutrow » Tue Jun 14, 2011 12:04 am

I agree with Wendy. Both of my kids can feel weather changes coming, and it causes a rise in head pain. For my kids, their MRI's look great, but they found they have high intracraniel pressure. One has an lp shunt and one is about to get an lp shunt to help with this.
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