Ileal Conduit Bladder Diversion

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Ileal Conduit Bladder Diversion

Postby mumtosmooch » Sun Sep 18, 2011 8:59 pm


HELP - my 11 yr old daughter diagnosed with Syringomyelia at age 4 needs to have something done with her bladder. She's still in pull up nappies, but we are now experiencing chronic skin breakdown from Staph in her groin area. She has a colostomy - which she loves!.. Georgina also have Autism and a sub arachnoid cyst in the front temp lobe. The dr's were talking about a Mitrofanoff procedure, but i'm concerned that Georgina won't comply when she is having a bad day with her Autism. The suggestion was made by her Stomal therapist to do a Ileal Conduit Bladder diversion - as Georgina already copes very well with her colostomy bag, BUT the dr's are stressing me out telling me that there is a big risk of kidney damage. All I know is that I need my little girl to be well and happy. She can't be cath'd as she has abnormailities in the bottom of her urethra. Can anybody advise me out there - any advice will be wonderful.

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