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Chiari Research Project

Postby bridget_fromIllinois » Fri Oct 26, 2007 12:48 pm

Hi Friends,

My name is Bridget Garrett. I am an 8th grade teacher from New Lenox, Illinois and for my master's degree I am conducting a qualitative study on the educational effects of Chiari I Malformation. (Grades K-12)

I was inspired to take on this topic when I read a post on a Chiari forum from a mother who was frustrated with her daughter's school because they did not understand her daughter's condition.

It is my hope that this study will bring about an awareness of Chiari I
Malformation in our schools.

To do that, I need your help with some of the information. Please visit my classroom website if you would like to participate and answer 30 open-ended questions about Chiari. ... oject.html

The responses will be used to put together a suggested list of accommodations/modifications that schools may implement to help students with Chiari succeed in school. Participant's names will
remain confidential to protect the identity of those involved. I will post the final paper on my classroom website.

Purpose of the Study
The purpose of this study is to examine, in detail, symptoms commonly associated with Chiari that affect a student’s educational experience so that parents and educators are better equipped to craft appropriate IEPs for these students and maximize their educational opportunities. This examination will be based on questionnaires of students with Chiari as well as an extensive review of available literature. The questionnaires will be used to identify common themes among the responses and to develop a list of appropriate accommodations and modifications needed to help students with Chiari succeed in an educational setting.

Questions of the Study
The following questions will guide the focus of this study:
1. What symptoms are commonly associated with Chiari?
2. How do these symptoms affect a student’s success in school?
3. What accommodations or modifications are needed in the school setting to meet the needs of students with Chiari?

Educational Significance of Study
There are very real adverse consequences to students, teachers, and parents if any student’s educational needs are not met, and this remains true for students who suffer from Chiari. Students with Chiari may fail due to their struggle with daily symptoms. Additionally, they may feel frustrated if they perceive that nobody fully understands their symptoms or even accepts that their symptoms are genuine. Parents may feel equally frustrated if their child’s teachers are not equipped to meet or even understand their child’s unique needs. Without a basic understanding of Chiari and its symptoms, teachers cannot adequately address their student’s needs.
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