deferred pain?

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deferred pain?

Postby kayciekaren22 » Mon Nov 26, 2007 7:18 pm


Although my son is 18 years old, he has multiple other difficulties that contribute to my continued involvement with his medical care. He has verbal processing issues, bipolar, traumatic brain injury (from a car accident), and now has been dx with post traumatic syringohydromyelia.

Has anyone had experience with "deferred pain"? My son's syrinx is in his lower cervical region but his back pain varies from cervical to thoracic. We have seen one neurosurgeon who says that the pain is unrelated - without addressing what to do for that pain. Is is possible that his pain is "deferred" or at different locations in the back besides just his neck?

Also, how important is it to see a doctor specializing in SM? Many doctors claim to have experience with SM/CM but I'm seeing quite minimal reactions to his condition --- I'd like to believe that it's because his condition IS mild... but I don't want to believe that just because it's what I want to hear... :?

His biggest asset/strength has always been his strong back...

mom of Dan, 18


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